Romantic spring jeans

Do it yourself.

Romantic spring jeans

Do it yourself.

While I was spring-cleaning my wardrobe, I discovered that I have a lot of pairs of jeans that I find quite boring and so wear very rarely. I really like personalised jeans, so I’ve created another pair that have a very special story.

For spring walks around the city centre."

You will need

  • jeans
  • lace
  • needle and thread or fabric glue
  • scissors

I had some lace left over from a wedding dress which I tailor made, so decided to use it on my jeans.

The process itself is very simple. First I cut the pieces of leftover lace into small details that seemed to me to be really nice and special and I laid them out on the jeans in various patterns. When I had an idea in mind, I started to sew the lace onto the jeans.

However, after a little sewing I felt that this was going too slowly. I got some fabric glue and stuck the lace on, which turned out to be a quicker and easier method and also more hardwearing. I wasn’t too fussy about the details on the jeans, and it’s possible to decorate just one pocket, but I didn’t want jeans with lace, but laced jeans so I went ‘all in’, but we all have different tastes.

The results seem great to me and my lovely jeans that I like wearing have what is for me a beautiful and unforgettable story. You can also decorate jeans with black lace so that they look very chic or another colour such as pastel pink – such a thing would be very romantic and spring like.

Nastale so meni zelo lepe in ljube kavbojke, ki jih rada nosim, saj imajo za seboj seveda zelo lepo in nepozabno zgodbo. Kavbojke lahko okrasimo tudi s črno čipko, tako bodo izgledale zelo šik, ali pa kakšno barvno, recimo pastelno roza – takšne bodo zelo romantične in pomladne.

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