Responsible water management.


Responsible water management.

Primavoda is the website of the VO-KA public company, but at the same time is more than this and has outgrown its original purpose. It was set up a few years ago in the desire to broaden knowledge about water and this mission remains today. On the primavoda.si website you can find informative educational content that will satisfy your curiosity and answer many questions about water. For all those still waiting to test their geographical knowledge, a password at Vokapedia serves as an interactive tool to consolidate or renew matters.

Primavoda talks up responsible water management

As well as education, Primavoda has an awareness-raising purpose. Water is a natural asset and fundamental human right. It is a tool that connects us with the past and our ancestors, as their actions are reflected in it. It links us to the future, as the consequences of our management and decisions will be mirrored in it. We can run out of drinking water due to wrong decisions and actions, which experience in other countries has taught us for decades already. A natural resource to replace drinking water does not exist. Wrong decisions and failure to observe natural phenomena can make water a destructive force which threatens our lives and property. 

The efforts of all stakeholders who are involved in the decision-making process on questions linked to water and the process of its use. How we manage the spaces we live in affects us all. We are all water users. Therefore, water is our common responsibility.



"A natural resource to replace drinking water does not exist".

How should you manage water responsibly?

Even minor changes to the everyday behaviour of an individual can contribute to making our common daily life with water safer. Primavoda would like to transform us from lazy observers into active initiators of changes in environmental habits. Primavoda creates a basis for reflections on water and in the next step offers advice on how small measures can contribute to the common goal of preserving and improving the state of our water. How? Just as decision-makers should adopt legal decrees, so water users should restrict our use of chemicals such as laundry and dishwashing substances, personal care products, medicines, plant feeds and plant protection products, limit unnecessary consumption – as water is necessary for the production of all goods, we are restricting our requirement to salt roads in winter – as salt on the roads harms flora and fauna, buildings and groundwater, we should use environmentally friendly means of transport and drink tap water, wherever it is trustworthy. If you doubt that it is, you have the right and the duty to check this. Responsible water management is therefore not just something to be left to decision makers and not just conservation, as we think at first, but is an everyday way of life that encompasses all of our behaviour at home, on the road and at work or school.

How can you join in?

Natural conditions in Slovenia will not alone be sufficient to preserve the wealth of water in which we cohabit in fragile balance. We require expert, correct, long-term decision-making, knowledge and experience and adherence to ethical principles and legislation that we have written in order to protect ourselves from our own misconduct. We would like to involve the general public in discussions on these themes so you are warmly welcome to join us on Facebook. Should you have any questions, we will try to answer them, and you will be kept up to date in a friendly way about current events in the field of protecting water resources.

Authors: Dr Brigita Jamnik, Špela Sodja


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